Side Dishes
Borden's Evaporated Milk Can
Borden's Book of Recipes

Herein is a sampling of recipes published by the Borden Company in the early-mid 20th century.  Unfortunately, oven temperatures were not specified, and we leave that up to the modern chef to cross-reference with their favorite cook books. In spite of this, we hope you enjoy this short recipe collection. The Southeast Museum will be publishing a compendium of original Borden recipes in the near future.

"Many of the recipes in this book were prize recipes received from every part of the country, others are by leading food experts. Every recipe has been twice tested by domestic science authorities and is both practical and economical."  The Borden Company

All Measures Are Level

"Standard measuring cups, tablespoons and teaspoons being used. The flour is always sifted before measuring, and fats are packed down solid, then measured level.

Unless otherwise specified, the recipes are apportioned for six."

1997-99 Southeast Museum